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Small Universal Fishing Vessel

The vessel is intended for catch and processing of sea products. Depending on the hold space and main machinery, three vessel models are available.

At the Customer's requirement the vessels can be built for transportation, transportation-processing, fishing, fishing & processing.

Its design allows to increase the hold capacity by adding a cylinder insertion. The modification process may start upon reaching 75% completion of the vessel and takes two to three weeks.

When equipped as a fishing vessel, it can carry out fishing operations by one of the following tools: a bottom and a pelagic trawl deployed from the stern (double trawling), a bottom long-line, a vertical long-line, a purse seine, drift nets, a drag, crab traps, side-launched electric light traps, fishing rods.

The Customer also has the following options to store the products: cooled in containers (chests) in refrigerator holds, frozen in blocks, salted in barrels, in bulk in containers, live in containers, canned and/or otherwise preserved.

To store the products in the cooled condition, the vessel is equipped with an ice-generator capable of producing up to 325 kg of sea- or fresh-water flaky ice per hour.

The cooled products powdered with ice are stored in the isothermal hold at 28oC below zero.

Middle - size Fishing Trawler

The vessel has an unlimited navigation area, it is a double-decker with an elongated tank, the aft engine arrangement, a fish-processing shop, a refrigerator and isothermal holds, and an integrated navigation and fishing deckhouse.

Hold capacity:

The project is unique as while it ensures the maximum compliance with the requirements for fishing vessels available abroad, at the Customer's request it can be implemented in any version depending on the specific model of the vessel employment that are classified as follows:

The following modes of the hold use are available:

The dimensions ratio, the hull shape as well as the propulsion and steering system of the trawler ensure its good sea-going, speed and thrust properties irrespective of load, which enables the vessel to carry out catching by trawl at sea state up to 5. Catching operations are carried out with the help of hydraulically driven winches and other gears. A three-ton hydraulic drive crane is available for loading operations.

The vessel fish-processing system is capable of producing cods fillet, canned fish, and prepared and unprepared fish of most commercial species.

The total are of the fish- processing shop is 190-240 sq.m.

The vessel machinery and equipment allow to use catching gears in the modes of pelagic and bottom trawling (double trawling). The sweeping deck has a closed trawling area for two trawls and a stern slip.

Two inflatable rafts for twenty persons each and a motor-boat are provided on the vessel as rescue facilities for collective use.

The vessel has up-to-date radio-navigation equipment such as a radio station, a radio direction finder, a fish-searching system, and a fishing tools’ monitoring system.

The design of the hull, machinery and ship systems meets the requirements of the RMRS and of international conventions.

At the Customer’s request the trawler can be reclassified to comply with requirement of Lloyd, Veritas and other classification societies.

Small Fishing Trawler

The vessel is designed for stern trawling, for servicing passive fishing equipment and catch transportation directly in the hold or in the containers placed in the hold.

It is capable of year-round operation in the non-freezing seas. The operation in the freezing sea and rivers is possible at 0o C of the outer air. The vessel operation is allowed at sea state up to 3.

The vessel stability meets the requirements of RF Maritime Register of Shipping rules.

Buoyancy (unsinkability) is provided when one of the compartments is flooded.

The vessel complement is 4 persons. They are arranged in the bunk room, the number of sleeping berths corresponding to the crew quantity.

A WC with a wash-stand and a food-warming room are provided on the vessel.

The vessel is equipped with a stationary radio station with an operational range of not less than the admissible distance from a shelter.

The navigational equipment meets the requirements of RF Maritime Register of Shipping rules.

The vessel is equipped with a trawl winch with one ton-force warping drums.

Inshore Fishing Boat, Project 21280

The boat is intended for bottom or pelagic trawling (version 1), long-line fishing (version 2), as well as coastal fishing of bottom species such as crabs, with further delivery of the catch to onshore processing facilities.

The main engine is a 530-kW, 1,500 rpm DEUTZ TBD616V12 diesel with a FINNOY reduction gear driving a controllable-pitch propeller.

A 50-kW shaft generator and a 90-kW hydraulic pump for fishing equipment are connected to the reduction gear.

The auxiliary plant is a diesel-driven generator based on a 30-kW DEUTZ E30DS engine.

The fishing equipment is presented in two versions:

Trawl/seine net version:

Long-line version:

Small Fishing Trawler "Baltiysk"

This small fishing trawler for offshore fisheries is intended for stern trawling and catch transportation in the cargo hold with ice in the bulk or in boxes.

The main engine is a DEUTZ TBD 616 V12 diesel of 530 kW (1650 rpm ) output with a FINNOY reduction gear driving a controllable pitch propeller.

A 52-kW shaft generator and a 108-kW hydraulic pump for fishing equipment are connected to the reduction gear.

The auxiliary plant is a DEUTZ TD 229-4, 44 kW diesel-generator.

Fishing equipment of RAPP HYDEMA production:

Additionally, the vessel is equipped with the following;


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