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Bester Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, Project 18270

The Bester Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) of Project 18270 is intended for crew rescue from sunken submarines and underwater facilities in a state of emergency.

Besides, it is capable of various underwater engineering works ranging from search and survey of underwater objects up to their lifting, as well as operations with the help of manipulators.

The vehicle can be transported by air, road and railway.

The vehicle uses a surface vessel as its MOSHIP.

Submersible Vessel for Underwater Engineering and Rescue Operations

The Submersible vessel is intended for rescue of distressed submarine crews with the help of autonomous submarine rescue vehicles (ASRV), as well as for various underwater engineering operations with the help of the ASRVs, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), divers and cargo-handling equipment.

The vessel is capable of carrying two ASRVs, their total weight being up to 110 t. Its capability to submerge provides launch and recovery of the vehicles even at rather high sea state. The vessel may be delivered in different modifications (for remote or nearby operating areas) depending on the specifics of its application.


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